When to Call an Emergency Plumber 

You can always call an emergency plumber at any hour of the night or day for quick repairs. However, should you always do it? or should you wait and contact a plumbing service during regular business hours?  

The truth is that a lot of homeowners are not quite certain what actually qualifies as an emergency in their plumbing. If you are in any doubt, it is ideal to be careful and hire a plumber, regardless of the time.  

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common plumbing issues that require the service of emergency Meridian plumbers. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumbing Contractor 

Though your first instinct might be to search online for emergency plumbing repair tips on how to solve your issue, going this route might not be helpful. Also, if you try to handle the issue by yourself, you can easily end up making the problem worse.  

Because of this, you’ve got to hire a reliable emergency plumber. They are usually available 24/7. They provide fast repairs for a reasonable rate.  

Water Heater Leak 

A leak in your water heater might be to blame if you suddenly have no hot water. Also, the issue is certainly a plumbing emergency if the leak is at the bottom of the unit. The reason for this is that the tank can collapse if you do not fix it right away. If this happens, it can flood your house and can cause major water damages.  

Gas Line Leak 

A leak in your gas line can threaten the safety and health of your family and your property. You should immediately leave your house and contact the authorities if you hear hissing sounds coming from behind a wall and notice a rotten egg smell. Once you contact the authorities, you should also call your utility company and your local plumber. It’s important to hire a local plumber so that they can respond right away to your emergency.  

Sewer Line Leak 

You might have a leak in your sewer line if your bathtub is filling with wastewater or your toilet fills whenever you run the sink in your bathroom. Immediate repair is vital to prevent further problems. Because of this, you should not hesitate to contact a professional emergency plumber.  

Overflow in Your Toilet 

A toilet that is overflowing is certainly a plumbing issue. You can prevent the issue from getting worse if you shut off the main valve for your toilet. However, you might end up with serious water damage if the situation is not resolved quickly.  

Frozen Pipe 

Water running through the pipes can freeze in the winter season. You need to contact an emergency plumbing expert right away if you notice little or no water coming from your tap or if your toilet is not refilling after you flush it. You should keep in mind that if your pipe is frozen, it can rupture easily. If this happens, you will face a lot of water damages. Thus, you should not wait for it.  

6 Signs You Need a Plumber

Plumbing is an important aspect of your house maintenance. Slight damage in the system can cause a lot of inconveniences to the whole family members and to you. The problem is that oftentimes we do not recognize the telltale signs that we are experiencing a plumbing issue until it gets worst and we now have to deal with the irreparable damages and issues. This is why as soon as possible if you notice the signs below, find some plumbing near me, and let them asses, as well as repair, the issues before they get worst.

The following are the telltale signs that you already are experiencing a plumbing issue and that you need to contact a professional plumber.

Low Water Pressure

When you turn on the shower or the tap at full blast, the water should stream out with high pressure. However, when you experience low pressure, and the water seems to drip slowly until it drips no more, you need to start inspecting as you might be experiencing a plumbing issue. But before jumping into conclusions, you may, as well, try to check you are experiencing clogged issues. For clog remedies, you can pour out a bag of vinegar and leave it for a few hours to dissolve ant debris or solvents in the faucet. However, if you still experience low pressure, call a professional plumber.

Colored Water

The water in your house needs to be clear. Otherwise, you could be having problems somewhere in your plumbing system. The following are the potential water color you could have and the possible cause of the stains:

  • Red, brown, or yellow – stains like these could mean that your pipes are rusted and that it can cause discoloration to the water
  • Green – the copper plumbing has already corroded. If the color becomes blue, this means that the corrosion has completed.
  • White or cloudy – the pipes have air

If you experience any of these discolorations, you need to contact a professional plumber right away.

Knocking Pipe

When you hear some knocking on the pipeline whenever you turn on the shower, fill up the tub, or when the sink is running, there is a possibility that you are experiencing a problem in your plumbing system. However, identifying the root cause of the problem may be difficult, as there could be several potential causes of this. To be sure about your diagnosis, there is a need to call a professional plumber and let them repair what is needed to repair. If left unattended, this could create a serious problem for you and your whole plumbing system.

Lack of Hot Water

A hot water system needs some time to reheat after the first and second use. However, when you turn on the hot shower for the first time of the day and all you get is lukewarm water even if it is turned on into maximum capacity, there is a high chance that you are experiencing a plumbing issue. Call immediately a plumbing service.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing some issues, it is recommended that you call for help right away, even if you think the issue is small. In this way, you can avoid worsening the problem.