Coffee Amid the Global Pandemic

Because of the COVID-19, we are forced to isolate and practice social distancing. And this has been a great challenge for everyone especially to those who are not used to staying indoors for several months and be restricted from going out to buy necessities and foods.  


According to tree care experts Charlottesville, this is where having a good garden equipped with plants and trees become more relevant.  

In this article, we will share with you the status of coffee producers amid the pandemic. If you are interested in coffees and/or you are a coffee enthusiast, this is for you.  


Coffee Amid the Global Pandemic 


Coffee has been an important drink that makes the world productive and go round. Especially in times like this when people need to be twice as motivated to do things at home like work and studies, coffee is able to provide anyone the energy it needs to finish tasks and duties. Likewise, coffee has been bringing people together, whether family members, colleagues, or partners.  It is fitting to talks about how the pandemic affects coffee and its production. 


Different industries have been experiencing issues with the economic crisis brought by the COVID outbreak. Mexico has been denied access to Guatemala, creating issues with labor. Also, there are more than 50% of employers in Colombia that are not well recognized and given benefits that they deserve in the coffee industry.  


Brazil is also experiencing problems especially when China was experiencing crises due to the Wuhan outbreak. By the end of March, most of the countries that produce coffee declared a state of emergent while some of them completely shut down their activities because of the economic crisis.  


Although there are several companies that have shut down in this pandemic, there are also parts of the world that need labor for harvesting and producing coffee in our tables. In fact, even amid the pandemic, the demands for coffee have not decreased as restaurants, coffee shops, and other cafes have still operated. Likewise, households have not stopped drinking coffee in this pandemic, and this is why there is a labor need for coffee production. 


Because of these growing concerns and issues, a lot of people have seen the need to grow coffee and other fruits in their own property. In fact, more and more people are encouraged to grow their own food in their backyard or garden especially when people are forced to stay indoors for several months now.  


The Benefits of Planting Your Trees 

There are several proven benefits that planting trees in general provides, and these include food resource at home, healthier and greener environment that reduces mental stress brought by isolation and melancholy, fresher air and lesser carbon that physically affects the human body, and more. Residences are encouraged to plant a tree in their area and this includes growing your coffee beans at home.  


Why Plant Coffee? 

Coffee has almost been a staple for anyone who needs to be productive in a day. This is proven by the number of demands of coffee amid the growing cases of COVI-19 and social restrictions imposed in different countries all around the globe.