2011 Laredo Trade Numbers - Back to the future - WorldCity

Laredo among three top 10 Customs districts to recover fully from the global recession in import-export trade and set a record in 2010.

Laredo's trade with the world reached a record $185.39 billion in 2010, and for the fourth consecutive year it was the nation's No. 6-ranked Customs district.  

It was the highest -ranking U.S. Customs district, and one of only three in the top 10 to full recover from the 2009 global recession in import-export trade.  For Laredo, that recovery was tied to imports coming from Mexico.  The other two were No, 8 Chicago and No 9. Savannah.

  Laredo accounted for 5.81 percent of the United States' 3.19 trillion in trade in 2010, a slightly greater percentage than any year since 2004.  It topped 6 percent for the three years prior to that.  

As has been the case for at least two decades, more than 95 percent of the Laredo Customs district's trade was with Mexico, and in 201 it was a record $176.78 billion.  No other top Customs district is so dominated by one trade partner.  The closest is No.3 Detroit, which regularly does more than 87 percent of all its trade with Canada.

Laredo does more than 50 times the trade with Mexico that it does with its second-ranked trade partner, China, the only other nation to register more than $1 billion in imports and exports with Laredo in 2010.

by: Ken Roberts World City